Redirecting with Sugar Cookies

I was supposed to go to a cooking class tonight taught by a chef and nutritionist.  The topic was festive holiday treats and desserts that were lightened up and fresh.  I was super excited to see what tricks she uses and get some new techniques.  Not enough people signed up so there will be no class.  Boo.  Since I was all geared up to learn some new recipes and I still haven’t made a treat I could decorate I am going to dive into making a revamped rolled sugar cookie.  Using a basic recipe for my launch point I will reduce the sugar and fat to make it a little lighter but hopefully keep the texture and taste.  Check back soon to see the results and the recipe (if it works).

In the mean time I hope everyone is remembering to share a smile with a stranger while you are out and about.  Those little acts of kindness really do go a long way!


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