So Glad You Are Here!

Welcome to the new home of Our Lady of Second Helpings!

I have always envisioned this blog as my virtual kitchen table so I have formatted our new space around my actual kitchen table.  Come on in and take a seat. I’ll make coffee and serve up some delicious healthy snacks.  While you’re here we can talk about the choices we are making to be healthier and happier everyday.

The blog posts show up on the home page and on the top of the page there are links to other sections that have links to past posts with recipes, tips, and inspirations.  There are also some fun resources that are things I have enjoyed reading, watching, or use in our home.  Make sure to update your bookmarks and subscribe to receive the new blog posts in your email.

There may be a few growing pains as I figure out the best ways to organize things in our new digs.  Once we get some art on the walls and dishes in the sink it will feel like home in no time.


3 thoughts on “So Glad You Are Here!

  1. Saw you on Ch 9 this past Saturday. The tofu you prepared look scrumptious. That led me to your blog. Your recipes seem well worth trying and the “Nuts and Bolts” section is very helpful. You look fabulous, and that is so inspirational. Thank you for posting.

    Dita in Sequim, WA

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