Snowy Outside, Peaceful Inside

One thing I really like about living where I do it the temperate climate.  Yes we see many cloudy days but rarely do we have an entire week of weather that keeps us stuck indoors.  There are of course exceptions to this rule.  Every few years we get a real dose of winter and when that happens everything stops.  We in the Pacific Northwest love to go to the mountains and play in the snow but we like our snow to stay in the mountains.  When a snow fall like the one we had this past week occurs we stock up on batteries and milk and then shutter ourselves in our homes until we can see pavement again (and maybe one more day after that just to be safe).  It is not our fault it is part of our collective DNA as Northwesterners, and for the most part we accept it.

Not a bad view from my kitchen

I don’t refuse to drive in the snow, exactly, but I also don’t feel the need to be a part of a traffic mess if I don’t have to.  When the snow began last Saturday my calendar cleared and  my son and I spent the majority of the week in the house watching the snow accumulate.  Looking back, this week was a lovely example of how far I have come in my personal journey.

No Dining Al Fresco This Week

Rather than sit and think about all the activities we could be doing away from the house I relished the interruption of our routine.  I noticed the brightness the snow created even when the clouds overhead were heavy and grey. I listened for the sounds of the world without constant traffic noise.  I felt a real sense of peace that I was not expecting. I did get a bit antsy but not to the extent that I expected.  I expected to crave some warm comfort food but I didn’t spend the days fighting to keep myself out of the cupboards. I did have the distraction of a two year old but he takes really long naps so my days at home have big gaps of me time.

I used to get uncomfortable quickly when I spent very long being idle.  Physically I was uncomfortable in my body and aches and pains would surface if I didn’t have activities to distract myself.  I also didn’t want to spend a lot of time alone because I didn’t want to have to be in my own head.  Being unhappy with my situation made my mind a hostile place to spend time.  I liked to think about things I was personally removed from.

As I have said before, everything is on a continuum; that is why I talk about being on a journey.  With every journey it is nice to pause from time to time, look back on where I have been, and remember how far I have come.  Finding myself to be a good companion in a snow storm is a milestone and I will cherish it.

Dear readers, I hope you are able to take a moment and celebrate your own milestones.  Big or small, sunny or snowy, they are yours to cherish.


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