Having a “Duh” Moment…

This week I have had a string of “Duh” moments.  You know the ones.  Some were head shakers or shoulder shruggers and many were forehead slappers but at the end of the week looking back, I think I am better for all of them.

Tuesday morning we had a little friend over for a playdate / babysitting favor.  Her mom (my friend) left their double stroller in case I wanted to take the kids out.  I hadn’t planned on, it but since she left the stroller I decided to take advantage of the not-rainy morning.  As soon as we got bundled up and out the door we all felt better.  My son (Little Helping) chilled out, kept his hands to himself, and made the occational remark about the scenery.  Our little friend, who was sleepy and fussy, relaxed in a familiar space and quickly fell asleep.  I started taking deep cleansing breaths and before I knew it I was jogging down the sidewalk.  I haven’t been jogging outside for months (and months).  My over-crowded mind cleared and my heart lifted as I savored the moments of peace.  I realized had been paying lip service to how good moving my body feels.  Working out at home is great but it can not compare to the feeling of clean fresh air and early spring sunshine.  We arrived back home after about an hour of walking and jogging and I was feeling the full weight of my “duh” moment.  I like how I feel after getting out of the house and getting some exercise.  I am almost always the only thing in the way of being outside more often.  – This one was a forehead slapper.

I was given a recommendation of a book on photographing food for digital use (ie this blog).  Mr. Second Helpings immediately suggested ordering the book from Amazon.  I left it until the next day and then remembered that I am a card carrying member of our county library system.  – I think this one also deserves a forehead slap.  Sure enough the online catalog had a copy available.  I had it sent to our local branch and today Little Helping and I went to pick it up.  We had a fantastic time!  I never realized the library had a saltwater fish tank with coral and beautiful little fish in it.  Once we discovered the tank Little Helping stopped trying to unshelve all the DVDs and glued his nose to the glass.  The tank was vastly improved by a selection of little stools perfect for standing on and all toddlers love things to stand on.  So we will most certainly be spending more time at our local library.  – Shoulder shrug.

Plate to Pixel

I have been thinking wistful thoughts about stainless steel mixing bowls since before Christmas but every time I get ready to buy some I talk myself out of it.  This week I finally stopped in to a local 2nd hand store and found myself 3 great mixing bowls and an assortment of other things I didn’t know I couldn’t live without.  After 3 years of frequently changing clothing size I often pop in to drop off a bag of too big clothes or snoop out some new items to wear.  I had not broadened my thrift-store bargin hunting skills to include housewares – until today.  Now I some new-to-me bowls, that didn’t wind up in a landfill, and cost much less than purchasing new ones.  – Head shake.

While I am writing this post I am sitting outside at our patio table.  Today is the first day since last fall that the temperature is around 60 degrees.  While I was running errands this morning I was thinking of ways to spend more of the day outside.  Duh!  I work on a laptop!  So even though the glare across the screen is making it difficult to read what I have been writing, I am sitting here enjoying every bird chirp, airplane engine, and kid yelp that seem to be magnified when the sun is out.  I even looked up to see a bald eagle soaring over our house.  This appetizer of spring is a blue sky wrapped gift.  It reminds me of why my heart will always be home in the Pacific Northwest.  And because I am a true Northwesterner I know it will probably be raining again tomorrow.  Duh.


4 thoughts on “Having a “Duh” Moment…

  1. i love to hear your voice and humor come through so clearly, rose! i really look forward to each post! i just picked up the seasonal activities magazine/schedule at the local community center and found TONS of low-cost, community oriented and healthy activities for toddlers and adults alike… that might be another good resource to check out? it was a head shaker! 😉

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