It doesn’t matter

Two women on a cliff in front of the oceanTwo months ago we changed our calendars to a new year.  Many people resolved to slim down, shape up, and become an improved version of their 2011 self.  I think it is easy to fall into the trap of looking back over the past couple of months and feel defeated by where you could be if you had made just a bit more effort.  Well so what?  Everyday that we get to wake up is a day to make a choice to be healthy and move forward.

Let go of could have, should have, would have, and embrace what can be.  The rest of our lives are waiting to be lived and the possibilities are endless!


4 thoughts on “It doesn’t matter

  1. Thank you for the very inspiring words of wisdom! It is sooo easy to become mired in self-pity/doubt/castigation, so it’s good to be reminded to keep our eyes on the prize!!!

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