Sláinte! Happy St. Patrick’s Day

Assortment of Irish Bottled Alcohols

Everyone is Irish on St. Paddy’s Day so I hope you decked out in green just for the craic¹!  Our family dressed like we were headed to Croke Park for the All Ireland² and attended a party where nearly everything was green from the vegetables to the Rice Krispy treats.  Mr. Second Helpings and I indulged in more than our share of freshly baked soda bread with real Irish butter and relished every crumb!

In addition to the normal shenanigans of a party peppered with toddlers the hostess put on The Secret of Kells for the guests to watch.  It is a stunningly animated feature film.  The story is a fictional account of how the famed Book of Kells came to be in Ireland, magically weaving together both pagan and christian history/mythology.  The animation style is like nothing I have seen before, like watching a beloved picture book spring to life.  It has captivated me every time I have seen it.

Little Boy Dressed for St. Patrick's Day

Now we are settling in to enjoy some of this week’s abundant leftovers!  The fridge is filled with Seafood Chowderbarbecued chicken, coleslaw, and delicious goodies I haven’t shared yet.  I had so much fun strolling down my cobbled memory lane that I cooked more than I could post in a week but I think it is a win all around.  While you await the new posts it might be prudent to take the dog for an extra walk.  I figured out how to turn brown bread into a mouthwatering Bread Pudding with Jameson drunk raisins.  Just for fun I also whipped up a from-scratch lasagna dripping with bechamel sauce that earned long happy mmmmm….’s all around the table.


Brown Bread Pudding in a red baking dish

piece of lasagna with white sauce

No need to worry if I have completely lost my head, I have slimmed down the ingredients!  [Insert a merry little jig here.] Check back next week for the full recipes!

In the mean time, have a fantastic time with the rest of your holiday weekend remembering to eat and drink mindfully.

Sláinte (slahn-chə) is a word literally translating as “health” and is commonly used as a drinking toast in IrelandScotland and the Isle of Man. – Wikipedia

¹Craic or “crack” (both pronounced /ˈkræk/krak) is a term variously meaning news, gossip, fun, entertainment, and enjoyable conversation found in Northern England,Scotland, and Ireland, where it is particularly prominent. – Wikipedia

²The All-Ireland Senior Football Championship, the premier competition in Gaelic football, is a series of games organised by theGaelic Athletic Association and played during the summer and early autumn. The All-Ireland Football Final is played on the third or fourth Sunday in September in Croke ParkDublin with the winning team receiving the Sam Maguire Cup.


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