TGIF It’s Happy Hour!

There is a fairly long list of things I ought to be doing at this moment but I chose option D none of the above.  I spent the day outside knocking out DIY projects that included painting new photography backgrounds, building a sieve to seperate rocks from dirt in the garden, and mixing compost into the garden.  I also pulled out our patio furniture and gave it a brush.  Now rather than waist a moment of the day in the kitchen I am going to pause and have a drink.

Thank you Spring for finally arriving I hope you stick around!

Cocktail in a martini glass

Dirty Gardener

  • In a cocktail shaker – muddle two lemon wedges, a slice of ruby red grapefruit, and a small spring of rosemary.
  • Add an ounce of quality gin and a cup of crushed ice.
  • Shake it with purpose while listening to Dusty Springfield on Pandora – or just shake it.
  • Strain into a large martini glass and top with diet tonic.
  • Find a sunny patch then PAUSE – DRINK.

Happy Friday!




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