Happily (Still) Married!

Last Saturday was Mr. Second Helpings and my 5th wedding anniversary. We marked the day by re-exchanging our newly resized wedding rings.

Obese couple on their wedding day

Our Wedding Day in April 2007

I don’t think we could have designed a nicer day. The sun shone warm and bright all day. I bustled around in the kitchen preparing a special meal while Mr. Second Helpings took The Little Helping out on some errands.

In the evening we went to mass with The Little Helping and our parents. The sun lit up the sanctuary, sparkling through the stained glass windows, it was God’s own jewelry box. After the service with our parents, son, and my brother as witnesses the preist said a beautiful blessing over our rings. It was one of those tiny moments that time slows down and we are allowed to breathe everything in slowly.

couple exchanging wedding rings

Current Day 2012

couple showing their wedding rings

These rings are approximately 1/4 of an inch smaller around than they were when we were first married!

The glittering ring on my finger caught my attention numerous times through out the evening. With our family around us we laughed, sipped champagne, and ate a feast worthy of the special occasion (but light in fat and calories!). I will have to owe you the recipes but trust me when I say they will be worth the wait.

Cake with Marshmallow Frosting

Eating Cake

Our newly resized rings have an even deeper meaning now than they did five years ago. We have come so far from the people who first said “I do.” I keep saying that we are re-married. It is not technically true but the couple who were married five years ago are gone. We have recommitted to building our happily-ever-after as we are now. It feels amazing to think how much longer “as long as we both shall live” may be now than it was. This journey we are on is a wonderful life indeed!


14 thoughts on “Happily (Still) Married!

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