The Dirty Thirty 5k

Readers in the Seattle area I hope you will come out for this event!  Readers outside of the area mark your calendars to spend the day being active along with us.  Send pictures of your activity to  I’ll try to feature everyone’s images on the blog the week after the event.

New Balance Running Shoes


My thirtieth birthday is fast approaching! The future is full of promise, but before my twenties reach their official close I have a few things left to accomplish.

A lifelong Seattleite I have “walked The Lake” more times than I can count but I have never run around it. Join me on Sunday June 3rd at Green Lake to greet the next decade running!

If you are a runner I hope you will humor my novice pace. If you are not a runner please come to walk, blade, bike, or cheer. It will be a celebration of life and health in all its beautiful forms.

Gather at the former Bathhouse Theater building (there is a parking lot off W Green Lake Way N at about Stone Ave N). We will begin going around the lake at 11:45.

Bring a picnic for after the “run” and spend the rest of the afternoon in the company of friends new and old.

This is an open invitation to meet at a public park. Feel free to bring family and friends – just tell them to wear comfortable shoes!

No registration is needed but I’d love to get an idea of who might be coming.  Visit The Dirty Thirty 5k event page on Facebook or post in the comments to RSVP.


2 thoughts on “The Dirty Thirty 5k

  1. New decade, renewed purpose and spirit – what a great summer kickoff. Picnic you say? I see lots of recipes traded!

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