Soon to Be “As Seen on T.V.”!

Big News!

Saturday May 19th I (aka the Lady behind Our Lady of Second Helpings) will be making my television debut!

Our local PBS station, KCTS 9, has been fundraising with cookbooks for many years.  This year, the book will be Cooks at Home.  A few months ago I submitted a few recipes for their upcoming publication. I was beyond excited when I got a call yesterday asking if I would be one 13 on-air cooks and teach the hosts and viewers how to prepare a recipe.

The producer was so much fun to talk to and happily answered all of my silly questions.  We agreed that I will be demonstrating how to make Sesame-Crusted Tofu.  I am really glad we picked this recipe – now everyone can see how simple it is to make.

Seattle Area Readers: mark you calendars and set your DVRs for KCTS 9, Saturday May 19th from 11 am – 3 pm.

(I think I will be on air during the second hour.)

Readers further afield or unable to watch – I hope that the segments will be made available online.  I will be sure to provide links if/when they exist.

Now I need to practice not dropping tofu on the ground, work on grating ginger but not my fingers, and most importantly figure out what I’m going to wear! Any ideas?????


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