Someone Else Likes Rhubarb! “tipsy rhubarb – pink ladylike drinks for your Mother’s Day brunch”

Good Monday Morning! I am recovering from a sun drenched and food filled Mother’s Day. I hope everyone had a similarly wonderful day of rest whether you celebrated Mother’s Day or not.

While I spend a little more time unwinding I thought you might enjoy this post by Lightly Crunchy. She made two gorgeous pink drinks with homemade rhubarb simple syrup. Cheers!


We have a brunch planned for this Sunday to celebrate Mother’s Day. The cooking will mostly be left up to the dad (at least I’m pretty sure he’ll volunteer), but I will make a small contribution of my own.

It’s rhubarb season again, and our patch is coming along nicely. We planted some last year and some again this year – we leave it for the first year uncut, but second year rhubarb is fair game. It’s easy to care for, so I most likely won’t be able to kill it easily. I just cut the flower stems off as I see them, before they bolt, the rest is good to go. Apparently they like a little manure spread around them too, so we’ll get to that sometime this weekend. Maybe.

I was able to cut enough stalks to make some syrup for these pretty drinks. One is a rhubarb version…

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