Cooking on T.V. – In Pictures

It seems I am bouncing around a little this week, topic wise. I blame the weather.

It’s not just my blogging that is all over the place.  Last night I could not focus and pick which of the aging ingredients languishing in my refrigerator I would cook for dinner.  So I made two dinners at the same time. I realize this is not normal but in my defense I was pushing the limits on the use by dates for both main ingredients.  Also now I don’t have to make dinner this evening so I can spend time enjoying the small things or vacuuming.

Not that you stopped by to read any of that.  No you stopped by to see the behind the scenes pictures of last Saturday’s KCTS Cooks program!

These were shot by the one and only Venessa of Kernels and Seeds.  She was my “Go-Go Gadget” everything at the studio.  The early part of the day had a lot of down time so we filled it in chatting with the other cooks and guests while enjoying a little kid free girl-friend time.  Then when it was time to swing into action and prepare the Sesame-Crusted Tofu, she was the best sous chef a first time t.v. demonstrator could ask for. Did you see how easily the dish came together in the segment?  That was due to her thoughtful preparation of the ingredients.  She artfully plated the “beauty plate” for the final shot. Best of all she came with her camera!  She was able to snap some really great shots before and during the live segment.  Venessa I owe you a dinner somewhere with cloth napkins!

The entire collection may be viewed via Venessa’s Flickr stream.  All of them are my favorite but here are my favorite, favorites.

snappin' some pics

Here I am snapping a quick picture of the tower of tofu.  We had a couple of layers draining and didn’t want to take up too much space in the fridge so we just stacked it up!


Getting my make-up done between draining the tofu and starting the marinade.  Okay I take it back this shot may be my favorite.
Rose's cart

Here are all the recipe ingredients staged and ready to go on the set.  Didn’t she do a lovely job of arranging them?

Super Rose

I did a couple of quick power poses before the cameras rolled.  Not sure why my eyes are closed.  Must have been focusing inward, yeah, that’s it.

talking about the dish

Right before we went on air co-host Carol, chef instructor at Sizzleworks, asked for a quick run through of the recipe. It looks like she may not have been particularly jazzed about cooking tofu.

ready to try it

In the morning, before the show began, I happened to walk through the Greenroom where co-hosts Mark and Carol were giving a little shmoozy tour to a few people (reporters?).  I was pretty sure I heard him confess that he was not a fan of tofu but sampling was part of the job.  I was so excited to know I would be cooking my Sesame-Crusted Tofu for a cautious taste tester.  Right before my segment aired I was able to engage in a little good natured teasing but when it came to the moment of truth I really did hold my breath.  The on air reaction was completely genuine both hosts really did enjoy the dish.  For obvious reasons they need to say they like it even if they don’t but in this case there was no acting required.

it's good!

I was over the moon to have the co-hosts seal of approval.  After the segment aired there were several batches of fully prepared tofu set out for people to try.  I was nervous that the remaining cooks, staff, and KCTS volunteers would eye it cautiously before reaching past for the desserts that were filling the table.  I even offered to pack it all up and take it home.  I soon saw there was no need to worry.  When the final segment finished and the staff and volunteers swept through the lunch r0om most of the tofu was eaten in a mater of minutes.  I really loved hanging off to the side and listening to people remarking over the flavors. Nothing like a little ego bloat to finish out the day.

I left my fancy pants camera at home and tweeted pictures from my iphone all day.  You can view all of my photos here on the Our Lady of Second Helpings Facebook page.

These are a few of my favorites:

Posing with KCTS Logo

I was so excited to visit the KCTS 9 Studio.  I could not get over the feeling that I was five years old and going to Mr. Rogers’ House!

KCTS 9 Logo Merchandise

All the guest cooks were given a really nice collection of thank you gifts.  Hiding behind the tag is an adorable little whisk key chain and on the bottom of the pile is a shopping bag that I plan to use until it falls apart!

Lunch food

KCTS 9 provided a wonderful selection of food to keep us fueled through out the day.  We also got to swoop in after every segment and taste the food that was being prepared on air.  My “lunch” was a combo of roasted Eggplant with Yogurt Sauce and the last morsel of Baked Chicken Piccata made by my best new blogger friend, Megan Pence of, wanna be a Country Cleaver.

Television Studio Make-up

I didn’t have all of this on my face but what was there did a magically job of making my skin look porcelain chic!

What a jam packed day!  It was so much fun to be a part of a live television show.  I also feel proud to have been among such accomplished home cooks and chefs.  If you haven’t seen all the segments I recommend watching them all the recipes smelled amazing and those I was able to taste were delicious.  I especially enjoyed the Vanilla Bean Roasted Rhubarb prepared by Chef Laurie Pfalzer of Pastry Craft.  It has joined my list of recipes to make in the very near future.


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