Start The Day with10 Minutes of Luxury


Luxurious Breakfast

Life can keep us moving fast.  Faster than we may like at times.  I really enjoy having a simple breakfast that when assembled feels luxurious and indulgent. When it is cool I make oatmeal and toss in spices, creamy soy milk, toasted nuts, dried fruit, or anything else that I think may be good.   Now that it is brighter in the morning I am less inclined to stand over the stove in the morning.

The picture above is one of my favorite 10 minute luxury breakfasts.  One of my slimmed down muffins paired with a generous amount of cheerful fruit and about 1/2 a cup of plain Greek yogurt.  I sometimes drizzle a touch of something sweet like honey or agave over the yogurt and from time to time add a couple drops of flavor extract but usually I prefer it plain.  The luxury part of this breakfast is taking scoops of the thick creamy yogurt and schmearing them onto the muffin.  One dollop per bite.

Really nice plain Greek yogurt reminds me of a rich soft cheese that you might find at a bed and breakfast somewhere in Continental Europe.  Our kitchen table is next to a sliding glass door.  It is such a joy to pause and watch birds flit through the alder trees behind our house and squirrels go up and down the fence.

Slathering some rich yogurt on a muffin is a luxury I am blessed to be able to enjoy even when life picks up a little more speed.


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