It’s Friday? Already?

You know those weeks where you are focused entirely on making it from waking to sleeping with as much of your sanity in tact as possible? Then you blink and it is Friday? That is the sort of week I am having.  The random (and extremely loud) midweek holiday, the warmest weather of the summer so far (hooray for the high 70’s), and last night’s full moon, left me barely hanging on at work today.

I’ll come back up for air soon and bring what I hope will be tempting pictures, insightful stories, and tasty recipes.  In the mean time, if you are itching for some updates on my preschool cooking adventure click over to the Our Lady Facebook page and check out the pictures I have been able to upload on the fly.

Thanks readers! Have a terrific Friday!

P.S. Would you be so kind as to play a little word association game with me? Pretty please? You are all so smart and creative I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

What do you think of when you hear (or read) the words, “kid – friendly” in relation to food?


4 thoughts on “It’s Friday? Already?

  1. Thanks for the thoughtful input! It seems like foods that don’t require utensils and can be dipped are the front runner.

    My question isn’t for the daycare necessarily but the experience has certainly got me thinking more about what, if anything, might be a “kid food.”

  2. Kid friendly: healthy, colorful, interesting. And yes, less messy (less saucy). But for me that mainly means fruits & veggies which satisfy all of the above. And my kids at least like spicy (flavorful, not necessarily hot), so I wouldn’t discount that, either. I think that you should give your daycare kids credit for being willing to try stuff, they seem to be doing well so far!

  3. Kid friendly = easy to pick up and eat, no cutting required. In American culture kid friendly also = less flavor since kids are mostly trained to not be so keen on things that are highly flavorful. Sigh…

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