Uninspired Monday


Boxes of Frozen Foods

Tomorrow will be my last day cooking at the daycare. I have mixed feelings about wrapping up my time here. I do not have mixed feelings about the food I am serving today. I flat out do not like it. I am working without an assistant and the pantry resources are low. I am also tired and nursing a wicked case of The Mondays. I hope I can yank myself out of this funk and come up with a creative way to rework these ingredients but it may take a miracle.

Todays Menu:

A.M. Snack – Crackers, Sun Butter (like peanut butter but from sunflower seeds), and milk

Lunch- Turkey hotdogs (currently frozen), green beans (frozen), buttermilk biscuits in place of buns because there aren’t any buns (frozen), apple slices, and milk

P.M. Snack – every kind of cereal mixed together and served as trail-mix

This is the first time I will be serving food that I am uninterested in eating and embarrassed to be feeding to others. It’s not even an issue of being healthy vs. unhealthy just that it is painfully dull.

So my creative readers, how would you jazz up this menu?


6 thoughts on “Uninspired Monday

    • Great idea! That would have been a fun twist. The biscuits were fully baked (just thaw and toast) so in this case there was nothing to wrap. I wound up getting a delivery of groceries before lunch including hotdog buns.

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