Hey Netflix! Where’s my Workout??!!

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I have some bad news. Netflix has pulled all workout “videos” from their instant watch menu! As far as I can tell this happened earlier this week.

This morning I suited up for a much needed Pilates workout but couldn’t find any of my saved routines.  I hopped on the website couldn’t find my favorites or any exercise titles for that mater. What the heck?!?

To confirm that I wasn’t missing something in the menu I contacted Netflix via their on-line customer service chat.  The short answer seems to be that the license has expired and no new titles have been added to replace the workout genre.  In retrospect, I should have asked how the entire fitness section was subject to a single license. Forgive me, I’m new to breaking news reporting so I’ll try to do better next time.

For those who like the full nitty-gritty story I have included the text of my customer service conversation below.  It was perfectly pleasant if not entirely helpful.  You’ll notice that I tried to “throw my weight around” to get the inside scoop. No luck on that angle.

In the transcript: “You” is me. “Netflix Ben” is the customer service agent. My apologies on the formatting, wordpress was not playing nice today.

Netflix Customer Service

Welcome to Netflix Chat. How can we help you?
You are now chatting with: Ben

Netflix Ben
Hi, who am I chatting with?
Hi this is Rose
Netflix Ben
Got it. What’s going on Rose?
I would like to know what happened to the fitness videos on instant watch
Netflix Ben
Ah, a workout enthusiast. I hear you—there were a couple ab workouts that came through in a pinch. Let me check the details on those workout videos, just a second.
Ben I am looking for myself but you may also be interested to know that I am a weight loss, health & wellness blogger. I am concerned that the great selection that was available has disappeared.
Netflix BenAh, this is an annoying one. It looks like we just lost the license to stream those exercise videos. Just because we lost them doesn’t mean we won’t get them back. Studios love Netflix money.

I have found the instant watch workouts extremely helpful in my own -142 pound weight loss and enthusiastically refer others to try them
Netflix Ben
Wow, that is impressive. Congratulations on that achievement!
Can you tell me what is being done to get these programs back in the Netflix line up?
Netflix Ben
Hmm, I’m checking for more details. I honestly don’t know the exact date we’ll be getting them back. Whenever we loose something, it means we have money to spend on new titles, so I wouldn’t be surprised if we replaced them very soon here.
Netflix Ben
As soon as we get our hands on any new exercise titles, we’ll holler about it on Facebook and Twitter. Would you like me to send you the links?
So if I am understanding correctly there are no workouts available to stream at this time?Netflix Ben
Looks like you’re correct, unfortunately.
That is too bad. Thank you for checking on that for me. I will be looking for updates on new additions.Netflix Ben
Definitely, that’s where we’ll pop them in for you. Looks like this just happened, so I imagine they’ll be some additions to the fitness titles soon.Netflix Ben
But anytime you have a question, we’re here 24/7 (I think a few people sleep here). Are there any other questions I can help with?
No that’s is all thanks for your help.Netflix Ben
Anytime, you have an awesome day.

If you want to let Netflix know that you would like to see the fitness videos returned or replaced let them know!

Customer Service Number: 1-800-585-7265
Twitter: @Netflixhelps  or @Netflix
While Netflix sorts out their licensing issues, I’ll be heading over to Hulu plus to see what they have to offer.
Have you used Netflix or another video streaming service to workout at home? What are your favorites / least favorites?


The following email just hit my inbox.  Let ’em have it folks!

Dear Rose,

We’re always trying to improve by listening to feedback from our members. Now we’d like to know what you think.

To participate in today’s survey, please click on the following link (or copy/paste into your browser):


Thanks for giving us your feedback.

-The Netflix Team

*****Further Update*****
Don’t bother with the survey they just want to know how you watch not what you watch. Just keep calling, emailing, or tweeting at them.

******Update 8/29******

I called Netflix to get an update.  The result is in this post