Krazy Good Candied Jalapeños Contest Winner!

Candied Jalapeños on plain yogurt with crackers

If you missed my recent post featuring a recipe for Savory Jalapeño Cornbread you also missed the invitation to enter my very first give away.  The good news is you can go back and read the post, bake a batch of the spicy cornmeal goodness, and share it with friends any time you please.  The bad news is the chance to enter the contest has passed.

To participate in the contest I asked readers to share a new food they tried this summer.  The responses were really exciting to read because they are all foods I have not tried and a few I had never heard of.

  • Fermented Black Garlic
  • Trader Joe’s Ch0pino (webster prefers it without the oyster bits)
  • White Scallop Squash

Now I have some great new tastes to look forward to.  I hope you will try these or any new foods in the near future. I also highly suggest hoping over to visit the Krazy Good Candied Jalapeños website and ordering a jar for yourself.  If you like the combo of sweet and spicy you will love these!

Candied Jalapeños on plain yogurt with crackers

Now for the winner!

I dropped the eligible Our Lady Reader’s names into a basket and The Little Helping pulled out

Drum roll please…Webster!

Webster please send email me at, let me know the address you would like your jar of Krazy Good Candied Jalapeños delivered to and I will send them out post haste.

Thank you to everyone who participated in this give away.  Thank you also Gerilyn the creator of Krazy Good Candied Jalapeños.  She provided the product to me at no cost with no obligation to share it, I just thought they were too good to keep to myself.

Don’t fret if you missed this give away there will be more of these fun little diversions in the future.


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