A little tease

I managed to amass a glorious pile of pears. Cooking my way through them is proving to be a joy filled exploration. I also have been spending the day with my cousin. We have baked, poached, roasted, and giggled our way through the last 24 hours. I am content and tired. I am using my last bit of energy to tease you with the fruits of our effort.

An absolutely perfect Gingerbread Cake frosted with a light Orange-Cream Cheese Frosting and a Spiced Tea Poached Pear.

Gingerbread Cake and Tea Poached Pear


6 thoughts on “A little tease

  1. When I think of pears, I think of a fond memory. Twenty-five years ago I spent a year in Nome, Alaska, in a community of volunteers. We never got fresh fruit or veges because they were just too expensive. At Christmas, the wonderful lady who is now my mother-in-law sent me a box of pears from a Washington orchard. They arrived hard as baseballs so I put the box in a storage room and promptly forgot about them for 2 weeks. When I remembered, I was worried they would be rotten, but they were ABSOLUTELY PERFECT. Juicy, yielding, packed with flavor. Sharing those delicious pears with my fellow volunteers was a highlight of that holiday, and this memory makes my mouth water 25 years later!

    • Oh I love that story! I can’t begin to imagine how good a piece of fresh fruit would taste after going without for so long. Thanks for sharing!

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