Motherhood, Weight Loss & Baby News

Motherhood, Weight Loss & Baby News

I enjoy the phrase “Life Happens” because it encompasses much without muddying things with unnecessary details. A few weeks ago I advertised a series of posts on pregnancy weight gain, nutrition, and fitness. (see:Reader Question: Overweight and Expecting – How much weight should I gain?) I told you to look for them the week after Mother’s Day.

Motherhood, Weight Loss & Baby News

Today I have two things to share. First, it is my sincerest wish that everyone enjoyed a very happy Mother’s Day. Mothering is a transformative role for any woman to play. I hope all mothers felt loved and appreciated by your family and community. (Mr. Second Helpings gave me the gift of a clean garage!)

Motherhood, Weight Loss & Baby News

Second, life happened, the pregnancy series will not begin this week. In the mean time I came across a previous post on motherhood and weight loss worth revisiting. It is short and sweet and a good fit for this week following Mother’s Day. Check it out and stay tuned for new content later this week.

Motherhood, Weight Loss & Baby News

From An Exception to my Rule 12/28/11 – “As a mother my body is not wholly my own, but that is how I choose to be. … Be good to your body, for yourself and everyone who counts on you to be your best.”

Motherhood, Weight Loss & Baby News

Finally, here is our latest news: We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and now know we are expecting a boy! While Mr. Second Helpings and I are discussing names for our newest edition feel free to make suggestions for his Second Helpings pseudonym. I am currently stumped on both accounts.

Images from the top down:

Saturday Breakfast we enjoyed fruit and yogurt smoothies with Whole Wheat waffles based on this recipe found on 100 Day of Real Food. I added flax seeds (whole not meal), extra cinnamon, a little nutmeg, and swapped out part of the flour for wheat bran. They were spicy, hearty, and delicious with a touch of maple syrup – a perfect start to our busy weekend.

Tulips from my Mother-in-law. So pretty and so very thoughtful.

Sun set from Mukilteo Lighthouse Park. We started our weekend with dinner on the waterfront and a sunset stroll through the park. I don’t think I could ever live more than a short drive from a large body of water.

Rhubarb Crumble: I used the crust from Low Sugar Cobbler (omit the nutmeg and cardamom) and the filling from Rhubarb and Strawberry Galette to make this dessert for our Mother’s Day lunch. It was a goooood idea!


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