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Food & Nutrition



These are books in my own library.  I endorse them because I like them and receive nothing in return.


  • – If you have an ingredient and you don’t know what to do with it, this is a great place to be inspired!  Many recipes are user submitted and have great comments on ways to tweak them.  Bonus – nutritional information is listed on some recipes.
  • BMI Calculator – National Heart Lung and Blood Institute & US Department of Health and Human Services
  •  how to beat egg whites for meringues and souffles – This is a great basic skill that took me seven attempts to get right!
  • Spark Recipes, Recipe Calculator – Allows a user to calculate the nutritional information per serving of any recipe. Anyone can use it but registered users have more options on the site.  This is where the nutritional information published on Our Lady of Second Helpings is generated.


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